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CF in VA Beach
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Author:  gothceltgirl [ Sun Dec 20, 2020 3:37 pm ]
Post subject:  CF in VA Beach

I used to live in NYC for 20 years, then (mistakenly) moved to NJ, which was a nightmare, now I'm (since March) in VA staying w/my BFF who has a 3 yo daughter & a 19 yo son :( . I'm in Virginia Beach VA, but don't have a car or drive yet. I never renewed my license after it expired in NYC over a decade ago, boy am I regretting that, lemme tell ya. So my travel distance is quite limited.

Are there any peeps in this region that would hopefully like to get together at some point, post-vaccine? I am also in desperate need of a place to live. I hvae a disability: CFS, Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder, autimmune thyroid disease, among other things. I am quiet & clean, have 1 cat. I really need to find something else soon, as living w/my BFF & her toddler is driving me crazy. As someone who has a disability I don't have much money, and need a very specific environment in which to live while I wait for affordable housing.

Even if you don't know of, or have, a place for me to stay/live ATM, reach out anyway b/c it'd be nice to have a conversation that doesn't have tiny toddler tantrums attached to it.

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