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The Alicorn - 50 something Kiwi female, loving life in Canada. Likes riding motorcycles, snowboarding, lifting heavy weights, New Zealand wine, and travelling. Told my mom when I was 19 that she wasn't getting grandkids, and I still haven't changed my mind.

LaTormenta - 50+ (and that's just the bust size) British gal. Semi-retired at 45, fully retired before 50. Car enthusiast and some time collector, movie lover, enjoys doing whatever I damned well please. Born knowing the road to my personal hell would be paved with babies, so I opted for cars, cash and contentment instead.

LadyPhoenix - 40-something trans woman from Southern California. Lover of food, beer, fantasy, science fiction, and video games. Online since before the Web was a thing. Childfree for years even before I began transitioning, probably due to being the unpaid babysitter for my baby sister. IT wage slave and mistress of all things Windows by day, disrupting the status quo by night.

CarryOn - 50-something gentleman, musician, and friend to animals. Corporate IT resource by day, Brit TV-loving couch potato by night, and overly fond of good food and drink 24/7. Earliest childfree memory was exactly 27 minutes post-birth, when I thought, "All these babies crying nonstop?! None for me, thanks!"

Arte - Talk to me about Lord of the Rings, Bioware games and The Elder Scrolls. Fantasy fan, nature lover (tree-hugger?) and wannabe artist. IT Support by trade, but my dream is to open a boardgames pub / cat cafe hybrid! No kids allowed!

GreyDrakkon - 40-something woman who figured out as a child that babies were not for her. Has way too many hobbies that involve large animals and edged weapons.

Katherine - 50+ introverted CF female who many days prefers the company of cats to people. Loves board games, cooking, music and creative expression. Love to read but lately have been watching more television.

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TheChildfreeLife.com was a thriving web address and the home of the largest childfree forum on the web, until mid 2018 when it expired, and disappeared. (It has since resurfaced, but currently, the forum remains offline). Unable to contact the site owners, the moderator group decided that such a valuable space really needed to be recreated - so here we are. We're looking forward to welcoming the collective wisdom of old friends, and new contributors.