This is not a site for parents. We are a community that exists to support the childfree, and to offer our perspective to those considering childfreedom. We are not interested in parenting, or in discussing a childed lifestyle with parents. Even if you’re personally childfree, evangelizing about parenting on this site will not be tolerated. is solely for adult use and may contain topics that are not suited for minors. Any involvement with this community is taken as confirmation that you are at least 18 years of age, and that you have read and agree to follow the rules and conditions stated below.

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Forum rules :

1. Respect: When interacting with forum members, show the respect you’d like to be shown. Treat one another as adults, and maintain a respectful tone. Personal attacks and incivility may result in immediate suspension or banning without warning.

2. Spam/Trolls: Any member engaging in spamming or trolling is subject to removal from the site without warning. Warnings may also be issued as staff sees fit. This includes posts that are essentially non-contributory (emoticon-only posts, single-word posts, etc).

3. Hot topics: The following subjects are considered hot-button topics and may be locked down without warning if discussion degrades:

Political discussions – keep political discussions polite and in the Politics area of the forum.
Religious discussion – be respectful of other forum members’ religious beliefs.
Pro-choice – as a childfree community, we recognize and support bodily autonomy. This includes the right to control one’s contraceptive choices, and the legal right to choose termination of a pregnancy. Those who support anti-choice legislation are not welcome here and will have their accounts removed.

4. Locked topics: Locked topics are closed topics, and may not be referred to or re-opened in another topic. Moderators word is law, and discussing staff actions is not permitted on the forums. Members wishing to discuss a moderator action may PM the moderator directly for clarification.

5. Housekeeping: Members are asked to keep the site tidy and easy to read. Post in the correct forum, and don’t cross-post. Use common grammar when posting, including accepted use of capitalization, punctuation and paragraphs. Use standard fonts and font colors. The use of animated images is discouraged, and may be removed at the moderators discretion.

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Signatures are restricted to 255 characters and may not contain images or large font sizes. One URL (for your personal website or blog) is permitted, so long as it is not used to advertise a business, or link to sites with potentially offensive subject matter.

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