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PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2019 10:25 am 

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I wouldn't mind going a bit grey myself, despite the fact that I'm only 35. I've only got a couple greys now though. I've been saying for the past few years that when I went completely grey, I'd start dying it pink and blue, but at this rate, that won't be for a while yet. My mother did go grey quite young (says she found her first greys when she was 18 - was completely grey by 45 or so) so I was expecting I would too, but so far, doesn't look like it. I'm positive that not having kids keeps you looking young anyway.

Still not quite sure about the new hairdo, but I had a couple people comment on it, and at least 2 coworkers say it makes me look younger. One coworker came over to talk to me about rescheduling a meeting, and then said in a sing-songy baby-talk voice "Your short hair makes you look like a baby! You're two years old!" and then petted my cheek. That was weird as fuck.

PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 10:33 am 

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I've been back and forth on this issue for the last year or so. I started turning grey in my 20s, from my natural mid-brown (with a hint of red). If my roots are to be believed, I would now be pretty much all silver/grey. I've been going through Menopause for the last 3-4 years, so I've had bit of loss, but I'm still fortunate to have tons... but it also grows pretty fast so I see major roots in about 4 weeks. I'm tired of having to color it every month, but I'm worried that I'd look even older than I feel I do (I'm 52) - or worse, like Martin Scorserse (sp?) as my eyebrows are still dark brown. I don't want to go blonde (give me MIL flashbacks)... Ugh...

PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 12:09 pm 

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The bf, his sister, and I are in NYC for vacation. I almost kind of regret coming...their parents were supposed to be here with us to visit family here, but they had health issues come up at the last minute. They considered canceling the trip altogether, but us 3 'kids' decided to come.
We've spent the entire damn morning trying to visit their grandmother in a rehab nursing home. I think they got to talk to her for all of 10 minutes before the nurses decided it was bathtime. So we went to eat, then when we went back, she was sleeping hard. Now we're standing around while they try to figure out what were doing.

This should probably go in Rants, but I'm too tired to change it after typing all that out on my phone 😆

"I only support abortion in cases where it is extremely necessary, like when a woman doesn't want to have a baby"

PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2019 7:45 am 
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As I'm aging, my hair is getting much darker and much curlier
Mine did this, except it faded from near-strawberry blonde when I was a kid to medium reddish-brown by the time I was a teenager. Now it's very dark underneath and a dark sort-of reddish-brown on the top layers. The grey is pretty much at about 30% now, and of course it's mostly on top or near my face. And has it ever gotten curlier. It was curly when I was really little and blonde, then it went more wavy through my teen and college years, and since then it's gotten curlier. Now I would say my hair is at the same curl level sported by Kit Harington or Aiden Turner. I don't have any female examples because they all straighten it. Perhaps Nicole Kidman was once a good example, but I don't see her with curls anymore. I'm not fussing with straightening it. I don't care if it gets even curlier. Even dyeing it seems like a giant PITA I'd rather avoid.

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