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 Post subject: Dog Is A Pillhead
PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2019 1:36 pm 
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I've come to the conclusion that my dog is officially addicted to her meds, specifically the one that's an opioid.

She gets pilled twice a day. Where she used to be a holy terror about taking her doggie heroin, now she starts bugging me for it at 6:30AM and 3PM.

She's a smart dog, and her begging used to take two forms: if she wanted a milk bone, she'd follow me in the kitchen and stare at her milk bone box on top of the fridge. If she wanted a meal, she'd nudge her bowl.

Now she's added a third trick. She comes over to where I'm sitting and stares at me. When I get up, she runs to the back and climbs under the bed. That's because that's where she gets her pills.

It gets better.

She dived under the bed, and I go in the kitchen and prepare her fix. She gets two heart pills and her puppy smack. They get crammed into little treats with mascarpone cheese.

When I get into the bedroom, she starts growling, and when I bend down, she bares her teeth and feints toward me a bit, as if to say, "Get outta here, man! I don't feel good!"

Then she sees her little treats and she licks my hand, as if to say, "You brought the stuff! You brought the stuff "

We go through this twice a day. :lol:

When the vet first prescribed the opioid, I asked about potential side effects, including addiction, though I was mainly worried about her being dopey or how it might affect her pooping (she's always had poop issues).

The vet looked at me kind of impatiently and said, "Will she be addicted? She's 16. So what if she is?"

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 Post subject: Re: Dog Is A Pillhead
PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 8:25 am 
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A friend's former cat got Valium once a day (don't remember why, but it was prescribed). When the cat saw her coming with the pill, she would just sit up and opened her mouth. My friend didn't even need to wrap it in a treat or anything. :lol:

 Post subject: Re: Dog Is A Pillhead
PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 10:16 am 

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I think my old kitty (now sadly deceased) eventually figured out that medicine would make him feel better, so it was best for him to take it nicely.

For some medicines, anyway; his appetite stimulant "tasted like shit" (vet tech's words, not mine!) and he never did like the potassium supplement. But I was really surprised at how used he got to subcutaneous fluids.

If you've never given sub-q fluids to a cat before, it's super fun. You've got to lift up the skin on the back on the neck, stab a needle into the space between the skin and the muscle, and then use an IV bag to get the fluids into the cat. The flow of fluids goes pretty quickily, so you can get it over with in a couple of minutes, but it still requires sticking your kitty with a needle.

The first time we attempted this, there were fluids on his fur. There were fluids on my pants. There were fluids on the carpet. There were fluids pretty much everywhere except in the cat. But he adjusted pretty quickly; within a week or so, we figured out how to give the fluids with my husband just holding him, and within a few months, I could give him fluids while he was just lying on the couch or whatever (which was great if he needed fluids and my husband wasn't home). I think he figured out that once he got the fluids, he started feeling a bit better, so he was OK with lying down nicely while we got the needle in.

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