1. Do I need to censor my posts? 

New members are encouraged to review existing posts, to understand the culture of the forum before posting. But we’re all adults here and know how frustrating being childfree can be – so as long as no disrespect is shown to other members lifestyles or personal choices, go ahead and rant! Adhere to the forum rules regarding trolling, intolerant behavior and civil conduct. Our moderators monitor the site closely and will edit or remove any post considered in violation of the rules.

2. Do I have to be a member to post?

Casual users, such as those just visiting to request information, are not required to join, though they are limited to posting in the Ask the Childfree forum. To post in any other forum, registration with the site is required.

3. Why can’t parents be members on thechildfreelife.net?

At one point, our old forum did allow parents to be members. However, we found many were unable to peacefully coexist, and used their membership to at best, continually advocate for the parenting lifestyle and at worst, harass and attack our childfree members. As a result, parents are not permitted in this new community. The forum exists as a safe haven for the childfree, and parents are encouraged to find a parenting site to share their experiences.

4. Why can’t minors be members on thechildfreelife.net?

thechildfreelife.net is based in Alberta, Canada, where 18 is the age of majority. Minors under the age of 13 are subject to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act or “COPPA”, and thechildfreelife.net has no provision in place for the requirements of this Act. In addition, thechildfreelife.net posts may contain adult-oriented themes and topics that are not suitable for discussion by minors. Should the staff learn a member is a minor, their account will be deactivated immediately.

5. Why do some users have titles under their screen names?

thechildfreelife.net displays staff titles (Moderator, Administrator) beneath those members who staff the forum. Feel free to reach out to any staff member via PM should the need arise.

6. How can I become a staff member?

Moderators are added on an as-needed basis, by invitation only. When a spot becomes available, we will discuss likely candidates, and invitations will be sent to those candidates.

7. Can I list my blog on the forum?

Your personal blog or website can be listed in your signature line, as long as it is safe for work. thechildfreelife.net is not legally responsible for any content maintained at externally-linked blogs or websites, and we reserve the right to remove any blog or website links at any time.

8. Can I promote or advertise commercial sites/products I’m interested in?

No. Doing so may result in your account being deactivated.

9. How can I get technical help?

Please post a message in the Technical Support forum, describing the issue you’re having, and we will get back to you with a resolution as quickly as possible. If you can’t log in, use the contact form on the main page to send an email to the site administrators.

10. Can I change my screen name?

No, that option is disabled, as trolls and spammers exploit that feature. The staff will not perform name changes for members except under exceptional circumstances. If your screen name may compromise your real-life identity or security, we may be able to help with a name change. Contact a moderator via PM if you need help.

11. I can’t I log in to my new Forums account. What did I miss?

Please make sure you clicked the activation link in the confirmation email, sent to the email address you provided when you joined (check your spam folder if you did not receive an activation email). If you cannot find an activation email, or have other problems with logging in, contact the staff via the contact form on the main site. Include your screen name and email address, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

12. My login no longer works, what happened?

In the interest of good housekeeping and to deter spam, we periodically remove dormant or inactive accounts. For example, any account that’s more than 30 days old and has no posts, or an account with less than 10 posts and 90 days of inactivity, may be removed. If you suspect your account has been removed, please register again. As long as you haven’t been suspended or banned, and as long as no one else has taken it, your original screen name should still be available.

13. Can I delete my account?

Ultimately, you are responsible for your posts on this site. If you choose to leave the forum, there is no need to do anything other than not logging in.
Once we receive a delete request, or you post a “flounce” post (I’m leaving! Delete my account!), you give up control of your account. This means that you will no longer be able to edit or delete anything you have previously posted to the forums. If you want to remove any content from the site, please do so before requesting that your account be removed.

If it is a matter of personal security to have your posts and screen name edited or removed, contact staff via PM with the reason for your request, and we will assist if required.